Saturday, July 11, 2009

Rain, rain, go away...

We awoke to heavy rain this morning and were faced with the problem: "How do you occupy a 2 (and a 1/2!) year old for an entire rainy day??!". Not necessarily easy...and I will confess to resorting to TV for part of the day (Might Machines...makes my son happy).

We also baked sour cream blueberry muffins with lemon glaze.

Not really delicious...I have the feeling that I may have missed an ingredient in my rush to keep up with my "helper" (who had taken to trying to stir the batter with a crazy straw).

After snack I set up an "arts and crafts" station in my sewing room for Evan & I. I had thought that we might create a gift for his daddy's birthday next week. Hmmm....I'm not sure that we were successful....

Exhibit A, Evan's creation:
He tells me that it is a car crusher. I'm not sure what the sparkly glued eyes are about. Perhaps a statement on "the man" watching the proletariat??? Could also be just that he liked the googly eyes and sparkly glue...

Here is my creation:

As you can see, I not only liked the sparkly glue and googly eyes...I also enjoy heavily dyed feathers.

I caught the cat examining our "creations" with a look of disgust some time later.

Everyone's a critic!!

The downpour seems to have halted for a brief moment. Must run and see if we can squeeze in a quick walk to combat the cabin fever!


  1. He had me at the lump of pompoms! So sweet. Do you keep all of Evan's art? (pretty sure I already know the answer to that question!)


  2. Nice going . . .we had swimming lessons as out outing this am and then I managed to sneak off to see a movie this afternoon ALL BY MYSELF while M napped . . .little m did not nap but was happy to get out for a long walk to Loblaws before dinner. The rain has been so constant. Boo. Here's hoping for a brighter day tomorrow.

  3. Oooo...a movie AND time to yourself?! Sounds devine!

    Sara - I am constantly fighting my hoarding tendencies. I have had to come up with some clutter "coping" techniques for Evan's work. Much of it has been made into wrapping paper or folded into the occasional "thank you" note. So far there haven't been very many 3D "car crusher" installation type artworks to contend with! I have a feeling that someday soon some of his work will have to make their way into our recycle bin. I imagine that will make me feel incredibly when I see an abandoned HAND made sweater at a thrift store.

  4. I don't know how to handle the 3d car crusher type pieces, but I saw a really good idea somewhere in blogland - use one of those accordian files from staples, the ones that have a buckle closure on the front and are more like a case - if there aren't tabs on the files, attach some and label them 1yr old, 2yrs old, etc. and just keep your favorites. Then, you can simply hand off the case when he's older. I have been meaning to weed through my rubbermaid containers full of art and do this for Em. She likely won't appreciate that i've kept every single scribble she's done!