Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Living life in FAST FORWARD

Life has been crazy busy as of late. Work, family, personal…all crazy.

The craft show was last weekend (very fun – more on that later). The week before was travelling for work and somewhere in the middle both husband and boy landed with the flu (not ME! I am a germ fighting MACHINE!).

Perhaps many of you could cope with all of these curve balls gracefully. Perhaps you would have made good on your give-away promise, sent your mothers birthday gift and still managed to stock the house with groceries??? NOT ME! I meant to…I wanted to - truly I did. I endeavoured to complete, but somehow my entire life is at WIP stage. EVERYTHING = WIP. That’s OK…it’s really alright. The people who know and love me are used to my life being a WIP. They are used to watching me flit here and there and stop thoroughly engrossed in the task at hand, forgetting all other tasks for a time. They have watched me drop whatever I was working on completely as I realize that I am behind in another task. Sometimes I come back to the original task, sometimes it seems less important, most days I invest a LOT of time feeling guilty about all of the things that I haven’t managed to accomplish (have I mentioned the give-away, my mothers b-day gift and the stacks of thank you notes that I compose daily in my head but never put to paper????).

Have you ever noticed that some people are time benders? They seem to be able to accomplish things in the 2.5 minutes that you have thrown away as insufficient to complete any useful task. Do you know some of these people? I want to dislike them…but mostly I admire them (and am quite frankly a touch jealous of their magical time bending talent!). I am starting to see time as an elastic…long and straight, but somehow the time benders have figured out a way to SSSTTTTTeeeEEEETTCH the elastic so that there are magic little pockets of time. I know that this is PROBABLY not true. People probably aren’t secretly hiding a time bending technique from me…but I must confess that I am starting to believe hard-core in time bending magic. I truly am!

I want to be a time bender!