Sunday, July 5, 2009

I have some nerve...and Happy Belated Canada Day!

OK...I got lost (as I am apt to do) in my vacation mode and failed to make Canada Day plans for my family. Enter the lovely and talented Donna to the rescue! She had my entire clan (lovely husband, cute boy and me - minus our evil, but cute cat) over for a relaxing and delicious meal! Not only did I partake of her fabulous meal, but I took pictures of the food that she expertly prepared to post on my blog. Hope that you don't mind Donna! Thanks again for the relaxing and delicious meal...
Salad with homemade dressing and croutons. All garlicky goodness...

My mouth still waters thinking about this dish. It is a roasted potato and summer squash casserole. Really fantastic!

My contribution were the refreshments. Beer (a Canadian classic!) and strawberry lemonade. Non alcoholic for the kids, and with a generous shot of citrus vodka for the adults. Yummy!

We also had lovely steak kabobs, roasted balsamic vegetables and a delicious cake with lemon curd filling and strawberry buttercream icing (YES - it was as delicious as it sounds!). Unfortunately I was too into the meal and vodka laced strawberry lemonades at this point to remember to photograph. Whoops!

Thanks for the wonderful meal Donna. Please thank Michel for picking the easy Canada Day quiz...

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  1. No problems at all. Glad you came and partook. We had such fun and I got some cute photos of the kiddies playing, too.