Thursday, July 23, 2009

Aaallll done!

I finished the Tula Pink baby quilt. Now we just have to wait for my friend to have her baby girl! While we wait for sweet baby pictures, here are some sweet quilt pictures (you'll just have to add the cute baby to the images with your mind):
Final measurement 36X37

I really love the Tula Pink fabric that was used for the back. If you look closely, you will see turtles, sea horses and anchors in the pattern. Originally, there was supposed to be another fabric as the binding, but a fabric store mistake meant that I used the same fabric for the binding and the backing. I think that it might have been a happy mistake.

OK - this looks kind of yellow-ish because it was taken inside in bad light while it rained (AGAIN!). I wanted to show you the tone-on-tone white that was used for the sashing. I love it so...and thought that you should see it close up, so that you could love it too!

There is something really lovely about a folded here you go!


  1. It's PERFECT! I love everything about it, Holly! Great job!

  2. It turned out great. isn't it strange how lighting can affect how a fabric looks? I've seen that sashing and it is quite white!

    LOVE the backing fabric, and no one would ever think you hadn't chosen it and the binding intentionally.

  3. Wow that is so beautiful! I'm going to make an almost identical quilt using Tula Pink's Hushabye fabrics. I love Tula. All of her fabrics are so awesome, *especially* that beautiful fabric you used for the backing! So, so pretty.

    And thank you for visiting my little ol' blog.