Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Stacks of happiness

Last night the stars aligned just right to allow me a few hours of uninterrupted crafty puttering. On a school night!

Here are the happy stacks of fabric that resulted:

The stack at the front are just halved charm squares for a baby coin quilt (Neptune by Tula Pink - just in case you are keeping count!!)

The stack in the back are a fun assortment that will become a quilt inspired by this:

I really love the funny story behind this quilt...such a thoughtful and personal gift from Ashley. Just what a GREAT quilt should be!

Here is a sneak peak at my "Film In the Fridge" inspired quilt. Like Ashley's quilt, it will be going to my sibling (sister) for Christmas...

My "baby" (grown up!) sister lives on the opposite end of the country. We are quite different people, not unlike other sisters in every other family! It always amazes me how two people can grow up in the same family and turn out very differently. I very much admire her sense of fun and adventure. I hope that she will love all of the beautiful, bold, fun prints and colours that I think match how I see her very well.

She's not always easy to get a hold of (so many soccer games, pub trips, movies, etc, etc). We had a nice long chat on the phone last night which was great fun! She really is funny! In thinking back on the conversation and I realize that I spent some time regaling her with stories of how great fabric is...OH DEAR! She was very patient and indulgent. I hope, dear blog reader, that if you have landed on my blog, you can share my appreciation of bright, pretty fabrics - because I do tend to go on about them. drool.


  1. And I was giving YOU quilting advice? You should have told me you were a pro before you let me babble on and on! That quilt is out of this world. Great fabric choices on all accounts.

  2. Thanks Sara!

    I have to credit our grand talent Donna for many of the fabric choices. A few are mine...but many are Donna's!

    Am pleased for your quilting information. It has been incorporated into my newbie quilting skills!

  3. It looks awesome. I'll have to come over and stroke the real thing soon. . .

    . .that might sound dirty.


  4. That completely sounds dirty...but it does show that you might loooove fabric even more than I do!