Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Quilts and comfort

I recently finished a quilt for my son. He has a small (read LARGE!) obsession with "Mighty Machines" (trucks and construction vehicles). Where others may see traffic snarls and commuter delays Evan sees excitement and action. His yell of "Oh, Oh, OOOOOOOHHHH! MIGHTY MACHINE!!" can be heard above the rumble of the mightiest bulldozer.

I decided to combine my new-found love of quilting with his love of construction vehicles. Not really an easy combination, especially given my preference for modern, bright colours.

Here is the finished quilt made with:
  1. Michael Miller "Tot Town" fabrics

  2. solid from my local fabric store

  3. Melissa Averinos - Suger Snap - Candy Dots in spring.



It's so gratifying to see him curled up in the quilt that I made for him...sort of means that I can be there to comfort him, even when I'm not actually there to comfort him - you know what I mean?

Here is the little man himself curled up over the weekend. It was tough to see him feeling unwell and with a fever, but I think that the cozy quilt offered him a little comfort. And me? I was comforted to know that something I made was making him feel just a bit more comfortable.


  1. The best part of that quilt is Evan snuggling in it! Such great work on this one, Holly!

  2. Oh c'mon .. .I can see your hubby's legs in one of those. Hubba hubba.

    What's wrong with me these days?