Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Where art thou spring??

OK, so it looks like this outside this afternoon:

Sadly, this is an improvement from this morning when there were big, wet snowflakes falling from the sky. Snow is lovely in December....and generally I love winter - truly I do, but I think that I am over winter now. So very over. Over the grey, over the snowsuits, over the mushy and mucky snow, and sooo over the flu and colds that seem to proliferate during the winter! (can you tell that I am down with another flu????).

To combat the winter that it raging outside our window, we have moved spring indoors! My lovely mother came for a visit and we spent some time at our favourite flower shop. We just couldn't resist bringing a few bits of spring loveliness home with us...

These beauties were purchased for my mother's arrival. I don't think that there is anybody who appreciates tulips more than my mother (and truly...what's not to love?!):

Isn't this little arrangement scrumptious???!:

And finally, we couldn't resist this:

Ahhhh....Spring is coming my friends! May it come very soon.

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