Saturday, February 13, 2010

Do NOT mock the flu

Remember when I said "I am a germ fighting power house"? I was wrong. I take it back. I'm sorry that I "smack" talked the flu. My bad. Call off your germ friends. I give....I give...

I have been laid out with the flu for 3 days now...3 DAYS!! Sadly too sick to even feel up to a little crafting (I know!! Too sick to craft??!).

I have missed brunch and book club (which I love so!). I did however, manage to finish the book club book, which I may not have managed without the extra sick time. It's a good book:

The Guernsey Literary And Potato Peel Pie Society by Mary Ann Shaffer and Annie Barrows

Check it out...even if you are not flu-infested.


  1. Are you feeling any better? Had a lovely brunch this am with B but missed you! Next time

    Do you own the book you mention above? I'd love to borrow!

  2. I choose that book for the book club I just joined. I really liked it. And since the book club is made up of other bloggers and people on Twitter I thought that lends an interesting element.

  3. I loved that book! I know it was criticized for being too...nice (not enough war carnage I guess) but I thought it was a sweet book. At least when you're sick you get a lot of reading done!