Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Too much temptation

OK, so I was starting to loose sleep with worry....what if it was gone before I could get to it??? It's not good to live a life of stress. Not good. So here is what I did....

I went to the Spoonflower web-site just to see what Heather Ross had put together for her limited run there. Kiss of death. Here is what is coming to live with me at my house!

And this:
And finally, in all it's dotty goodness:

Perhaps it will become a baby blanket for a friend? Perhaps I won't be able to part with it! It may just end up washed, ironed, lovingly folded and stacked.

I do love the idea of doing this or this with the fabric! Any other ideas that this fabric inspires for you? Please do share!

1 comment:

  1. HOw did I miss this???
    I feel like I should congratulate you! Is this your first Heather Ross purchase?
    Great selections, Holly!