Friday, March 25, 2011

Traditional blocks can do AMAZING things!

Being relatively new to quilting, I am not awesome at looking at a quilt and deconstructing it in my mind into little bits of fabric. I am only just starting to realize the full scope of what a quilt block can do when arranged in different ways (what a tricky little chameleon you are little half square triangle!).

(OK - so not technically made with HST, but you start with HSTs and cut them in half to get hour glasses! Plus I NEEDED to have an image.)

I just saw this amazing short film by the NFB (National Film Board of Canada) that animates some of the amazing patterns that can be made with traditional blocks. It's like watching a kaleidoscope, but with quilting synapses firing! Whoa man! Funnily enough, it's simply called Quilt.

You should watch it if you are spatially dim (but otherwise lovely) like me! You could also watch if you just want to be inspired by some pretty shapes and patterns. Y'know the stacked cubes in traditional quilts??? Made from diamond shapes! I know...AMAZING right??

Well...amazing to me anyway...


  1. can't wait to watch that little movie....thanks for sharing!

  2. I am definitely spatially dim, so I hear you on being in awe of the way these little shapes do so much heavy lifting. Thanks for sharing!