Sunday, March 6, 2011


Time for the { Urban } HOME Goods swap mail day. I have been mostly finished for a few weeks now, but have been procrastinating with the mail out. I am super anxious that my partner like what I've made. Oi - the pressure!

I noticed that my partner (who participated in the last UHG swap) has listed a sewing machine cover twice in her list of asks. One of her comments indicated that she wanted a cover that was closed on the sides for maximum dust protection. I surfed the net and found a good tutorial at Notes from the Patch. I made a few small adjustments to suit my own purposes, but followed the instructions for the side pockets exactly. Love them. They would be a great little spot for scooping all of the little bits of sewing equipment out of the way in a hurry. BEGONE stitch ripper! BEGONE rotary cutter. I think that my partner sews in her living room, so I would imagine quick clean-up would be key.

My partner's "likes" also included turquoise and vintage. I happened to have some vintage linen with turquoise polka dots - MMmaaaaaAAAAAnnn, I hope that she doesn't dislike dots.

In an attempt to keep the scale of the swap reasonable, we were instructed that we are only allowed to add one "small" handmade treat in this swap. I had a hard time picking, until I saw a post at the Martha Crafts Dept. I am very happy with my choice. Hope that my partner is too! I opted to stretch the cross stitch over an artists canvas (again!) because I like the clean, modern look. It could easily be dropped into a frame if preferred.

Dear swap partner, I hope that you are happy with your treats. I had a great time picking, plotting and making them!


  1. I think your partner would be crazy to not love your prezzies! Such excellent craftsmanship, as always, Holly! Love the fabrics you chose for the cover.

  2. What a great idea for your gift, Holly -- I want to make one for my sister (and for myself as well). Your fabrics are so pretty, and all the cute details make it really special.

  3. All your worrying was for naught, Holly! I love it all very much and appreciate every little stitch. Thank you, thank you!