Monday, March 1, 2010

Bunting goodness

I have been wanting to make some bunting for my son's room for quite some time...and here it is finished and on the walls:

Cute, non?

The entire house (well nearly!) was painted this beige colour when we moved in. It was not offensive, but lately I am finding it dull, dull, dull (and then dull some more). It could be that there has been very little natural light, but it could also be that the beige is dull.

Don't these cheery little flags go a good way in brightening up the room? I suppose that I could just bite the bullet and repaint the room....but I haven't! In the meanwhile, this bunting makes the room cheery enough for a three year old again.

There is even a bit of his favourite fabric (Tot Town by Michael Miller). Yes...I had only very small scraps left so I had to add some solid in to streeeeeeeetch the Tot Town scraps far enough for 2 flags.

You may recognize that I have used this fabric before for the boy in quilt format. He insists on using the "back" as the top, because he can look a the large piece of construction machine fabric. Hmph.

He has a point is nice to look at such bright colours!


  1. i miss the green trees!!

    are you guys still sick??

  2. Super cute and great choice of fabrics! Love the globe, too! We have a collection.

  3. Looks great. I say paint the room though. I love paint. It fixes everything. ;-)