Wednesday, March 17, 2010

EeEEEE - look what was waiting for me at home today!

I quickly tore into the package to reveal:

Check out the sweet little gnome faces!:

I will probably drop these little gnome friends into the wash fairly quickly to make sure that they don't fade on me. There has been some talk on Flickr that the fabrics aren't as colourfast as they ought to be....although it sounds like this isn't true for all colours (luckily!).

The Spoonflower colours are lovely and bright (YUM!), but the fabric is not nearly as soft as Heather Ross's fabric from Free Spirit.

They do however, have lovely gnomes and mushrooms which I was not lucky enough to purchase on their first run. Don't you just love the selvage edges of the fabric?

I had to laugh...while I was snapping pictures (under my bad dining room light because I just can't wait until daylight tomorrow morning!), my son shoved his truck onto the table. "Here Mommy" he said "Take a picture of my backhoe so that you will have a really pretty picture!".

OK Evan. Here is a "really pretty picture". Lovely Heather Ross fabrics and my son's favourite "Mighty Machine". True loveliness!


  1. Nice!!!

    Can't wait to see them in a project!

  2. oh dear me. How can I resist???????
    Like Donna, I'm excited to see what you'll create ...that is, if you can cut in to it!

  3. Sweet kid, trying to help you out with your "boring" fabric photos! Truck makes everything better!!!!

    Can't wait to see what you do with that cool fabric.