Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Why, oh why??

Am I just hyper-sensitive about privacy?? I know that in real life I tend to be a fairly guarded person until I really get to know someone. I'm friendly, but I'm guarded. I would love to be one of those people who is just more open, but not tooooo open - y'know the type of person I mean (the one who shares everything with the stranger sitting next to them on the bus).

This morning my work colleague is breaking up with her boyfriend. I am not close with this work colleague, I didn't even know that she had a boyfriend....but I am listening to her very calmly explain all of the problems in their relationship and why it no longer works for her. Really none of my business, but what can I do??? The irony - I work in an environment with closed door offices. Close your door people...close your door.

Some of my work colleagues didn't even know that I was a crafter until I "outed" myself by inviting a few the craft show that I participated in. They were kind enough to come...and it even helped spurred on a "stitch" group Tuesdays at lunch. I look forward to the restful break and shared stitching on Tuesdays. Good things (even GREAT things!) can come from being open...

here is a craft show project for your viewing enjoyment, because I hate to have an image free post!

Just need to find the balance between toooooo open (à la phone break up in the office) and tooooo closed (à la very private Holly, fish in the water).

Ahhh...the ever elusive balance. Where art thou?

PS - the break-up is no longer a calm conversation. YUCK. Am sorting out work to be done away from my desk for the next few minutes.

PPS - YES, I realize the irony of my musing about privacy in an open blog forum! Please note that I only have a few readers and please further note that I do not list my break-ups and details of my underwear on the blog either.

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  1. It's odd, but I don't think this is very unusual. My daughter often tells me stories about her co-workers who share the most lurid details of their personal lives -- it's pretty amazing to me (and to her, as well).