Wednesday, January 13, 2010

My next marriage...

....will be to this rug!

It is of course designed by a Danish company. I even looked up the price of it...y'know, just in case! If my calculations are correct, it translates to around $400 CDN for a 90cm rug and somewhere around $1000 CDN for 140cm (plus of course shipping costs). I didn't even look up the price for the bigger size. Our house was built in 1906. The living room is NOT large.

Don't worry...I'm not impulse buying a Danish rug...but it is fun to think about such a lovely bright item on a day that looks like this:

Grey...oh so grey!!!

Sara - thanks for bringing this bit of colourful loveliness to my attention (via this blog).

I stitched and stitched last night...I think that I should be done my next cross-stitch project by the end of the weekend to show...prepare yourselves to see some RED. It's another project from A Rainbow of Stitching...


  1. Is THAT the view from your office??? Seriously! Are you sure you're not working for the CIA?!
    Anxious to see your latest project!

  2. I adore that rug, but I really do not understand how it's constructed. The site says it's woven, but it looks like little wool balls stuck together -- so cute (but expensive).