Monday, October 12, 2009

Craft show intimidation

What have I gotten myself into?? I agreed to take part in a craft show.

I think that at the time I agreed to be part of the craft show it seemed very abstract. It seemed like a good way to meet some other local crafters. Besides, I love craft shows! I think that I might mean that I love GOING to craft shows. I love to be inspired by the creations of others. Now I am creations are more "crafty" than inspiring. There are some real, hard-core creative people who will be selling at the Craftalicious show. YIKES! So feel free to come out and be nice to me while I sit at a table and feel somewhat intimidated (November 14th in Ottawa!).

Here is a small preview on what I am working on for the craft show:
  • Re-usable Christmas bags. I will have a few sizes, but most importantly one size that will fit wine bottles and another size that is perfect for video games and hardcover books.

  • Bird ornaments. Some in Christmas fabric, some not.

  • Card ornaments. These were probably the most satisfying to make. It was really fun to pick out different colour/pattern combinations. The closest to quilting that I could manage on a larger scale for a craft show.

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  1. How did I miss this post??!! Your work is gorgeous, Holly. From what I see here, you have nothing to be intimidated by!