Friday, December 18, 2009

It's beginning to look a lot like Christmas...

...which is good, because Christmas is only 1 week away!

It has most definitely snowed in Canada's Capital city (lots and lots)!:

We have trimmed our tree - and it has fallen over 3 times! Special thanks to Donna's lovely husband who came armed with equipment (a reciprocating saw and rope man!) to bail my lovely, but un-handy husband and myself out on a Saturday morning when the final collapse happened (oh the carnage!):

I have since added millions of crocheted snowflakes (ok a dozen or so - I tend to be prone to small exagerations). I am ever so obsessed with these lovelies!

I am meant to be finishing the quilt for my sister's Christmas gift, but since I am a professional time waster these days, I have taken to completing one snowflake (which I really don't need) every evening. Lovely.

I also decided that it was NECESSARY to paint most of the main floor of my house. Yes - NECESSARY! There were a few nights of painting until 2 am, but I am pleased with the results.


Now just imagine the room with lovely bursts of colour inserted from (yet-to-be-completed!) crochet and quilting projects. Ahhh...all of the exciting projects for the New Year! But to complete the projects that must be shipped (cross country!) this year!


  1. Wow. The tree looks great. As do the walls. We are going to go get our tree today!

  2. Holly! You're amazing. The patience, I don't know where you find it for those delicate, tiny stitches. Also, that is the perfect blue on your walls. You must be so excited! Great choice!!

  3. I find it so interesting that some photos the blue doesn't look so blue than in others. It looks great in real life, I can attest.