Tuesday, December 22, 2009

HoHoHo...it's on it's way!

FINALLY! Finished.

Ladies and gentlemen....I present to you (drum roll please!)...the completed quilt!:

This lovely was very inspired by a quilt made by Ashley at Film in the Fridge.

I chose to straight line quilt mine. Originally I had intended to space the lines by only 1", but the Christmas deadline forced my hand and the quilting lines are 2" apart. I think that this is a happy turn of fate...I'm really happy with the quilting.

Another close up with lovely wrinkliness to enjoy:

For the hearty few that have been reading my blog since the start - you may remember that I started this quilt in JUNE. It was very held up by the back. First off, I needed some really big pieces of fabric (that is 2 yards of "Red Peonies" from Heather Bailey's Pop Garden line), so I had to order. Then the top was bigger than I had anticipated (OK...truth - I hadn't actually measured. I just "guestimated"), so I needed more fabric (yummy Kona solids). Then I couldn't quite decide what design to use. This one was sort of improvised as I went along. I really like how it turned out!

My lovely husband stood out in the -30C temperatures so that I could indulge in a last minute photo session before it was shipped across the country.

The quilt is now in the hands of Canada Post (as well as $70 of my $$!!!).

Note for next year: Be more organized and send presents early to avoid very high shipping costs!

Extra note: Pay attention to this note next year! (I make myself this note every darn year...).

It feels really good to have everything shipped out. Now all there is to do is get through the next 2 days of work and sit back and enjoy the holidays!


  1. It's SOOOO amazing! I'm so impressed . . I know E will love it!! And I'm jealous!! Lucky sister you have!!

  2. Wowee, Holly! That is a masterpiece!!! I love how bright it is and the white sets off the colors so well. And the back! Gorgeous.

    Can you believe it cost $70 to send? They saw the desperation in your eyes and took full advantage!

  3. It looks great! Maybe you should get started on your Xmas presents for next year now. :-)

  4. Sounds to me like you have orders already!!

  5. I love the bright colors! ANd I love the quilting, I bet its so nice and soft! -Allison