Thursday, October 22, 2009

Too many buttons and a give away

Finally! The new computer is all ready to go and I can show you far too many pictures of fabric and buttons. Good times. These are the promised pictures of my fabric sale loot.

Fabric scores. On the top of the pile are two pieces of vintage linen (what a find!). In looking at this picture I see that a red/turquoise and cream theme has emerged. Also, I am a bit obsessed with the idea that gingham is the ultimate Christmas print.

Some luscious threads:

Also, too many pictures of buttons. I spent a happy hour picking through to create colour/themed combinations and then taking snapshots of them:

Berry and green:

Creamy whites:

Lovely pinks:

Yellow and golds:

Greys and browns:

In deciding which button pictures to post (oh the agony of tough decisions!), I came to the realization that I may have been greedy with the buttons ( that even possible??? It's just so fun to sort through buttons!). I think that it might be a good time to try a little give away of button-y goodness. You know - share the joy and all. So if you would like some buttons please leave a comment about how you would use them, or why you love buttons, or prove that you are a bigger button geek than me (NOTE: I did have to edit down from 25 pictures of buttons. I am not healthy!).


  1. I'm with you on red gingham being the perfect Christmas fabric, and the perfect fabric all year round too! I love gingham. I don't think you can have too many buttons, can you? Love Vanessa xxx

  2. Great finds, Holly! I can't believe I'm going to say this, but I think I already have too many buttons! I had quite a stash and then MIL gave her and her mother's combined life long stash. I think I'm set. You sure did find some gems though!

  3. I love buttons! On my last visit to my in-laws my mother-in-law let me pick through her collection of them and we brought home a little baggy full of them. I don't really know exactly why I like buttons so much, but I do. There is something so fun about them. they can really add a lot to any project. The wrong button and it's ruined. I hope I win. :)

  4. Buttons!!!
    Love em!

    I am wanting to make soft trees this year (stuffed fabric cones) and decorate them with buttons--I'm hoping for a forest--right now I have 1! Ha Ha!

  5. Your pictures are beautiful! As a fellow CDOer (obsessive compulsive disorder in alphabetical order...naturally!), I too sort things into piles. We even eat our M&M's that your pictures spoke to the obsessive sorter in me.

    We love buttons here! I started my children out when they were young. We sorted them and played with them. Soldiers, animals, checkers, we used them for everything! We'd call them treasure and play pirate coins with them. (We do this with marbles too!)

    I can't really pick which of the colors is my favorite either. They're all so pretty. What a goldmine of a treasure find.

    I'd love to make fabric baskets and bags and use the buttons to embellish them. String them together and have them be a necklace on a cute stuffed animal?

    Our niece, Abbi, is a button nut too. It must be genetic!

    Thanks for the chance to win and hope you and yours have a great weekend!

  6. I too have a thing for buttons, but I have a friend who REALLY has a thing for buttons, so whenever I spy a great button, I send it her way. The result -- she has a great stash of buttons (in Nova Scotia, no less, so no use to me here in Ottawa), but I have none. I figure there's karma in it though, right? If I pass on buttons to her, surely the world will send me something equally fabulous? :-)

  7. Oooh, I love buttons!! I think it goes back to when I was little, sorting through my mom's many tins full of color-sorted buttons. She doesn't even sew anymore, but can't yet part with her lovely button collection. Maybe someday she'll bless me with them. Meanwhile, I'll just have to collect my own, any way I can. LoL Thanks for the chance to win... buttons!

  8. Hmm...clothes, bags, accessories, jewelry...

  9. Those are a lot of buttons! I don't know what I would do with buttons but I could try to think of something. :)

  10. I so enjoyed your button pictures. I miss being able to go to my Grandmother's house as a young girl and going through her buttons. And I don't know what happened to them. I have very few buttons of my own, but love to put them on bags and pin cushions that I make. I would love to win your giveaway!

  11. Buttons are one of my favourite things! I buy them all the time with no idea of what I'll use them for.

    My grandmother would always let me go through her buttons when I went to her house; I love the tinkling sound they make as they swirl around in a glass jar, and the look of all the colours side by side!

    I use them on sewing projects, and right now I have an idea in mind for a knitted headband with a few buttons for detail - I think it could work!

  12. I have just finished collecting enough jars to sort my buttons by color and spray painted all the lids to match. I think that may make me a button glutton!! But, now I have room for more!!!



  13. Oh, look at all those lovely buttons! I've just started gathering a stash of buttons and, I have to admit, it's teeny-tiny. I'd love to win!

  14. I love adding buttons to bags that I make...we can always use more buttons!

  15. I do love the buttons, so much. However if I won, I would have to pass them along to my button loving daughter. She is 5 and just spent a months worth of allowance on buttons last Friday. She likes to sew them on her doll clothing and her shirts. Apparently button obsessions can start early...

  16. I'm making a couple pair of wrist warmers and a friend suggested that I put some buttons on them, so that's what I'd use them for