Friday, October 2, 2009

Flea Market finds

I had so much fun at the flea market last weekend! The whole family went, but husband and son quickly retreated to the park and left me to wander on my own (OH BLISS!). There were many toy trucks at eye level and my son was starting to vibrate with excitement (and greed). I must confess that I was feeling much the same way!

Here are some of the highlights of my finds (no pictures of the BIG metal Tonka trucks because Evan has been too busy playing with them to stop for photography). Please excuse the BAD pics. It has rained ALL WEEK and I could no longer wait for natural light - I want to show my fantastic finds!

Pyrex bowl (turquoise with wheat harvest):

Pyrex bowl (avocado green!) - I just couldn't resist this mother had a bowl exactly like this. It was the bowl that was used to make every cookie that came out of her kitchen (likely still is!).

I spent most of my time picking through the most fantastic box of vintage pattern books. This one was my favourite (the photographs CRACK me up!):

Notice the lovely cigarette dangling from his nonchalant hand on the cover:

Another page is an ode to pipe smoking 'gents (not sure if the second guy is holding a fishing pole or a walking stick with his non-pipe hand!):

Here are the alpine loving fellas. Don't you love that there is also a hand drawn dog on each page (with a very gentleman-of-the-manor-type description of each breed)?:
Finally, the ASCOT! The image of this sophisticate (cigarette in gloved hand) makes me giggle:

Finally, some of the vendors had some vintage Fisher Price toys. My heart begins to race at the thought of these fantastic-plastic toys. I had to really steel myself to behave. I wanted to buy them. I wanted to buy them so badly that I can still taste the greed in my mouth. I tried to rationalize that they would be a gift for my son....but I knew this would be a lie. So I walked away from the Sesame Street (with a fire hall, Mr. Hooper's store, etc), and I walked away from the garage with the elevator that dings. I am practically a saint!

I say PRACTICALLY a saint, because I did walk away with a little FP cash register that I will put away for Christmas or birthday for the boy (I do think that he will like it - so I can rationalize it!).
OK - long post over. I am slightly embarrassed by my greedy, consumption heavy post!
NOTE: the last two images are not mine (I took them from Google and neglected to make note of the source - oops!)

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  1. I think I remember that cash register!
    Love the photos of the men. If only our husbands looked like that!