Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Lazy Sunday post on a Tuesday

Ah Sundays...how I love a rainy Sunday. Sundays are usually the day when I get some quality crafting time. The rest of the week crafting is all about stolen moments between the daily routine and falling asleep...but SUNDAY! Sundays we wander to the Farmer's Market, buy something delicious for breakfast and come home to good coffee. After that my husband usually reads, my son plays with trucks and I craft. How glorious are Sunday mornings at our house?!

This Sunday Evan and one of his trucks joined me in the craft room. It was really an enjoyable way to spend a morning. It was especially nice to have his company since this is the first weekend that the cat isn't around to hang out with me...

Just when I thought that his little hands were not going to be able to resist "helping" with the scissors or the sewing machine, Evan found the amazing little box of buttons that Sara sent as an extra surprise when I bought some vintage linens from her Etsy shop. Thanks Sara! Evan and his truck were entertained for nearly an hour by the little box and all of the pretty buttons inside. What fun to sort, stack and dig little buttons.

I finally finished piecing the back to the zig zag quilt. It's not that it was complicated or even big, just that I couldn't quite decide what to do. I'll try to finish basting and quilting ASAP so that I can finally post the final pictures.

BTW - Yes, my son was still in his pyjamas after the Market and YES...that is a hockey mask on my son's pyjamas. Yes...we are a Canadian stereotype!


  1. I just thought he was adorable before. Now that I know he likes to sort buttons, I know it for certain! How cute can you get?!?!

  2. Hours. I spent hours doing this when I was a kid.

  3. I know...My grandmother used to have jars of buttons. I spent many happy hours sorting through her stash. It made me really happy to see Evan sorting and playing with the buttons. My kind of guy!