Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Riding the waves...

Here is the most recent quilt top completed. Mmmm...love it so!

As I was stitching everything together, I realised that I had given no consideration for the direction of the print. (You can see what I mean pretty clearly in the close up below.) I was certain that this was really going to bother me, but I must say - it doesn't really. When you step back it's all just pattern and colour loveliness!

The seams on the back seem quite thick. Have I missed a clever trick? It does lay flat when pressed.

Other than that I have been working on the crochet waves. The waves look the same as before. There are just more of them...


  1. Now I know what you've been up to on your holiday.. we should beer it up some evening since we missed our Monday night . .

    looks awesome! I forget who this one is for. . .?? How willyou quilt? What is the backing going to be?

  2. Oooh, I've been waiting to see this! I just love it. And you're right, the prints going in different directions doesn't take away from the beauty at all! Those colors are so brilliant.

    Can't wait to see the whole thing completed!

  3. Oh wow, Holly! It's fantastic. You were meant to quilt. All those perfect corners.
    I'm not sure about the bulky seams...I think I might have had the same problem on mine and I am pretty sure I ironed the seams open on that one (and only that one!)
    What a lucky little baby getting this one.

  4. That is lovely. Wow, you are good. I wish I could quilt like you.
    It was very nice to see you at the park. We will have to do it again sometime before next summer. Or coffee after the next consignment sale. I won't have a baby with me next time.

  5. The zig-zag pattern is perfect for those gorgeous fabrics and I think the scrappy placement of the triangles actually adds to the design. Nice work!