Thursday, February 3, 2011

Illicit knitting

I'm not supposed to be knitting...Knitting is my compulsion, my soothing drug....mmmMMMmmmm.

When the world feels busy and a bit out of control some knitting will put it right. The problem? I am a worrier and the world is often a bit out of my control. So I knit. And knit. And knit and knit. I knit until I have injured my arms and wrists and my fingers go numb. I knit until I have permanently damaged nerves and tendons.

I have to stay away from knitting...but sometimes I just need a small FIX.

A new job for me and waiting for the new job for my husband to be finalized have resulted in sleepless nights. So I found myself surfing Ravelry (so dangerous!) and making an emergency trip to the yarn store.

These fingerless gloves should be complete very soon! And suddenly the world seems calm and right....OOOOhhhHHHHmmmMMMMMM. Ahhh. Knitting.

Just in case you need a fix too, the pattern can be found at JCasa *handmade.


  1. Congrats on the new jobs, for both of you! And you are welcome to pass any knitting my way. :-)

  2. Look at that beautiful yarn! Must have been a special treat to knit with...the colors, the fuzziness!
    Great news about the jobs! Hang in there! All this stress will be but a memory in no time...


  3. The reason you knit and knit and worry and knit is because, as Sigmumd Freud said, 'Mankind cannot handle too much reality.' That's why every single one of us has a fix. Some people read book after book, others sew, still others collect stamps. For some poor souls its drug, sex or alcohol. Its hard being human. Interesting though. :-)