Monday, December 6, 2010

Down for the count and the fabric flea market

It's been a while since I have been around these parts. I have been down for the count over the last couple of months. Turns out that my never-ending autumn cold was pneumonia. I have mostly been sleeping over the last 6 weeks. BORING! I'm starting to return to my normal self (thank you antibiotics!) and so I hope to see much more of you around this blog. I also hope to be back into some crafty pursuits. Sleeping is not a very creative pursuit.

I wanted to share some of my happy finds from the "Fabric Flea Market" this year. I look forward to the market day like a 4-year-old looks forward to Christmas morning. The sale this year did not disappoint! Here are my acquisitions. Feel free to drool a little bit.

Hoops. A hand stitch lover can't have too many of these! (yes, I also bought the gorgeous vintage fabric underneath the hoops. I think that it is a "brocade"?? It has a texture to it - feel free to correct me if I am calling it the wrong thing).

Buttons. Yum. You may remember that I love them so.


Vintage cotton thread on wooden spools! I adore the flood of colour. Just one question....Can you actually sew with old cotton thread? I'm inclined to say that just wishful thinking on my part???


Looks like vintage sheets, but is really vintage fabric - love it!:

I think that this fabric is my favourite! Do these ladies remind you of anyone?

Don't they look like Mary Poppins???

(image source)

Lacey bits. Some seem to be vintage. I suspect that some are not. I have no idea what I will do with them, but I love them!

Last year I bought every piece of gingham that crossed my path. This year I couldn't pass up a polka dot. (Why yes! That is some Amy Butler fabric on the top of the pile.).

The fabrics have been washed, ironed and added to my stash. now I just need to come up with the perfect projects so that I have the courage to cut into them.