Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Zombie stitching...

Does anybody else have their attention span just melt in the heat?

I have had to resort to super simple stitching to accomodate my lazy summer attitude.

We have spent much of the summer with a cold beverage in hand in company of friends and family. It's been a restful summer (for the most part - let's not talk about the day it "rained" in the dining room - darn you roof! Grrrr).

Back to restful, mindless, summer stitching:

I have also been taken hostage to the allure of the hexagon. I have been amassing a humongous pile. Originally I had decided that I would make an entire hexagon quilt from my Anna Maria Horner fabrics (don't they seem so bohemian, Horner fabrics and hexies???). 100s (and I DO mean 100s!) of hexagons in, I have changed my mind and decided that hexagons look best as a mish-mash of scraps of fabric. Once again I fall prey to my indecisiveness. No matter. I will need years of hexagons to ever end up with a quilt. I view this as a project that I will keep coming back to over the years.

Maybe I should sign myself up in some hexagon swaps to trade some Horner hexies for other fabrics???

In the meanwhile, I have abandoned my mindless hand work for a simple patchwork baby blanket. Can't wait to spend some time sitting behind my sewing machine. It's been a while!

Happy summer stitching to all!