Monday, July 12, 2010

Why we are having pizza tonight...

268 - 4" hourglass squares

Half of which are currently carefully laid out on the dining room floor....

Tonight I must keep the 3-year old boy out of the dining room and off of the quilty mess. I must "randomly" lay out the rest of the squares and then create orderly little stacks to be pieced for a quilt top.

My lovely husband is celebrating his 40th birthday this year. I was so flattered when he told me that he wanted a quilt. He loves these Kaffe fabrics...and so do I!

Can I deliver this quilt by a Friday deadline? It seems doubtful. I would at least like to have the top pieced for that lovely man. It would be nice if he had an actual gift to open. I would really do almost anything to make certain that he enjoys his BIG day. He's a bit nervous about 40, and I want to make sure that the day is filled with happy, loving memories.

I love you sweetie! I'm racing to finish on time....but I know that you really know me. I'm always running late. You love that about me, right? RIGHT???

Everybody out of the dining room! No time for dinner preparation! Quilting-palooza all week at my house!


  1. Wow -- this is such a striking quilt. Sometimes I get hung up on making complicated patterns and forget just how beautiful some of the simple blocks can be. I like everything about this quilt -- great job!

  2. Your husband is one lucky guy, Holly! It's going to be fabulous!